Aluminium Division


Aluminium Division

Selecting the right aluminum products for your property can be a tough decision to make. Considerations such as cost, durability, safety, security and performance all have to be taken into account.

AL-YOUSIFI Aluminium Factory are from our most modern new factory of high quality aluminum for Kuwait; our product provides even the most discerning of purchasers with an unrivalled choice of design, color and service when selecting the most appropriate aluminium doors and windows for your requirements

In selecting AL-YOUSIFI Aluminium Factory, clients benefit from an industry leading name and a product that symbolizes cutting edge technology, excellent workmanship and first class service.


Our clients seek excellence and value and are sensitive to the impact high quality aluminium doors and windows have on the appearance and value of their properties From our initial consultation, that includes industry leading software solutions and presentations, through to ensuring your new aluminium doors and windows are gleaming and clean after fitting, our service levels are unrivalled


AL-YOUSIFI takes pride in the quality it offers for each project it undertakes. Not only do we believe that high quality materials should be acquired, but also the way materials are processed is of a superior significance in this industry to keep the quality level at an incline. Therefore all materials those are to be acquired for a project pass a rigorous inside house testing prior to any orders being placed. From the client’s perspective the end product is the most important. For the end product to reach its final destination, the whole product and its components pass through several quality checks.

The first check is when the material that has been previously approved arrives at the production plant. Each item is checked of its state whether it is suitable to be used and as per the prearranged sample.

The second check is a continuous long-term process, whereby a vigilant use and supervision of materials being used at the manufacturing plant are checked. All materials used are entered into a database for a cost reference; maintaining schedules, production efficiency, and the effectiveness in maintaining quality.

Third quality check is at the loading of materials to be sent off to site. The quality supervisor checks all materials for quality surveying, quantity, and if any adjustments are required. The fourth and final check occurs at site after the erection and installation of all aluminum works. The verification is done to ensure the site engineer performs total and correct completion. The quality supervisor shall request any necessary adjustments if work and quality is not suitable.

These are just a few steps AL-YOUSIFI takes into creating a satisfying hassle free service and a final product that is durable for our customers and for you

Products & Services

AL-YOUSIFI’s line of activity involves designing, manufacturing, and installing aluminium products. Our products and services vary from each project that is undertaken to suit the certain needs that are required. Some products and services that are offered are through joint ventures or licensing agreements we have taken from European and American firms. The following is a list of our products and services:

1. AL-YOUSIFI Projects:

Aluminum curtain walls and structural silicone glazing The following curtain wall types are available:

  • 4-Way
  • 2-Way
  • Unitized
  • Semi unitized
2. AL-YOUSIFI Fabrication:
      • Doors: Sliding, hinged, frameless, automatic, and gates
      • Windows: Sliding, hinged, ventilators, tilted,and turn& tilt systems, tilt & slide    systems, fixed.
      • Railings: Staircase and balcony.
      • Shop fronts, facades, and partitions.
      • Skylights.
      • Cast and welding aluminum.
      • Double colored / wood colored aluminum.
      • Interior real wood / exterior aluminum profile


3. AL-YOUSIFI Glazing:

AL-YOUSIFI encourages double-glazing on all glass units to decrease energy consumption to create a more quiet and comfortable atmosphere and a healthier and cleaner environment


4. AL-YOUSIFI Small Projects:

Unlike other companies we not only target the large projects that are available. We have created a team that oversees small projects. Such projects can vary from one complete villa all the way to a kitchen backdoor. This department is managed by the same team for the larger projects but taking into consideration limitations to budget, time delivery, and the final personal touches.